How can I fix cart validation issues with bundled products?

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On our website we were able to script to create bundled products where if you purchase Item A you will have to add at least one Item B in the cart in order to check out. It will show an error notification when you try to check out without having the correct bundled item(s) in the cart. In this example you will have to add one of the tip boxes in order to purchase the Gel-X Nail Extension Kit.


However, we are having difficulties to recreate this bundle feature for another products that require the same cart validation. This bundle item should be paired with one of the 22 variations that comes with it. Similar to the first example, you are only allowed to check out with the correct corresponding item added in cart. 


Meanwhile, if you try to add these two bundles in the cart at the same time, the system only reads one of their scripts and doesn't  validate the other bundle, hence one of the bundles will go through checkout without having its corresponding item added. Do you have a solution to this issue?


Note: we do not want to install/purchase any app and would like to proceed with script only. 





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