How can I hide prices in my cart?

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I would like to know how to remove price from my cart. I've replaced the checkout with a form pop-up inviting the customer to fill it out to receive a quote directly from us. I've also removed prices from the collection and product pages. However the prices still appear in my cart. Is there a way to hide it?


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Hi @sophier could you clarify if you mean /cart and your cart.liquid templates, or during the shopify checkout process /checkout?

If you mean during /checkout you need to be on a ShopifyPlus plan to modify the checkout process in that way using CSS or javascript.


I have not confirmed this works: A possible alternative for small business is to have two sets of products one with price and the other without, however this may be another problem when 'free' shows during checkout but might be solvable by editing your stores translations to change "free" to something else like "awaiting quote". You would also need to update all your email notifications similarly.

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