How can I implement a custom pre-order system in my online store?

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Dear [Shopify Coders],

I hope this message finds you well. We are currently exploring options to enhance our Shopify store functionality and are in need of a customized system to facilitate pre-orders for certain products, allowing customers to track the progress of sales before initiating a bulk shipment once a specified target number of products has been reached.

Our envisioned system would involve the following key features:

  1. Pre-order Functionality: Enable customers to place pre-orders for select products that are not yet available for immediate purchase.

  2. Sales Progress Tracking: Provide a mechanism for customers to monitor the sales progress of pre-order items in real-time, ideally through a user-friendly interface on our Shopify store.

  3. Group Purchase Threshold: Implement a system where products are shipped only after a predetermined target number of pre-orders have been received. This would involve grouping individual orders into a collective shipment.

  4. Automated Notification: Notify customers once the group purchase threshold has been met and the shipment process is underway.

We are seeking a team of skilled Shopify developers who can tailor a solution to our specific requirements and seamlessly integrate it into our existing store infrastructure. If your company has experience in developing similar systems or possesses the expertise to undertake this project, we would greatly appreciate receiving a detailed quote outlining the scope of work, estimated timeline, and associated costs.

Additionally, we welcome any insights or suggestions you may have regarding the optimal implementation of this pre-order system within the Shopify ecosystem.

Thank you for considering our request. We look forward to potentially collaborating with you to bring this project to fruition and enhance the shopping experience for our customers.

Warm regards, Max

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