How can I offer variable discounts for bulk wine purchases?

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So I have searched every Tiered Pricing, Volume Discount app out there and they all offer close to what I am after... but no one can offer the following and I am hoping someone can help with their script knowledge perhaps.


We sell Beer, Wine & Spirits. The wine is complex because we offer a $ off value when buying 6 or more and it can be a straight or mixed.


I need the following:

Buy 6 or more Collection A & save X $ Off this product. 

X = A different fixed $ value per item (may also apply to variant)

So some wines will get $2 off if any 6 or more Collection A items in cart, but then some wines can get $10 off, or $5 off in that same cart. 


A - Is there an app I don't know about that allows this? 


B - Is there some code I can use, to indicate these prices as discount or in table? 


Any help would be appreciated. Due to the varying products we sell some get great discounts whilst others to not. Need this to be compatible with merchant feeds to Google etc too. 





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Hi @AdamWSD ,

Using the Quantity X app, you could set up an amount-based discount separately for every product or collection. And it will work as you expect:



Quantity X is a volume discount app with an upsell funnel. Try for free