How can I set up a tiered discount message in my online store?

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Hi everybody, 


I'm having trouble with my first Shopify Script. I would like to set up a tiered discount that shows a discount message for orders that don't meet the minimum threshold for a discount. For example, a cart with a subtotal of $.01 to $74.99 doesn't actually offer a discount but does display a message to encourage the customer to spend $75 or more to get 10% off and so on. 


Also is it possible to show the amount needed to reach the next tier of the discount? For example, if someone has $50 in their cart display the discount message says something like "only $25 more to get 10% off" 


Any help would be much appreciated. 



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Hi @Brian_Ryder,


Dani here from Shopify. Thanks for reaching out!


I don't have the expertise to guide you on writing your script, perhaps a community member will be able to help you with this! I did, however, find an app that is set up to do what you're looking for, Bold Motivator. This app will display your custom message and automatically calculate how far away the customer is from achieving the next goal. In the example below, the customer will receive free shipping but you can also use this app for other types of discounts as well.



Since you're interested in your store's design, I thought this free course may be up your alley. It has some great advice for optimizing your design to increase conversions.


Please let me know if you have any further questions. I'd be happy to continue helping you!


All the best,



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Hi @Brian_Ryder 

You can't do that with just using Shopify scripts. You have to use custom Liquid and Javascript code to show messages based on the current cart value or make use of the app @Dani has suggested. 

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Thanks @Best-Commerce  & @Dani


I've used Bold Motivator in the past for free shipping and it was fantastic at getting our average cart value up. Unfortunately, it lacks the ability to exclude certain products from the cart goal, but I emailed the developer and it's a feature that's in the works. In the meantime I'll take a look at the CRO course and start looking into getting it done with a custom liquid.


thanks again, you two.