How can I show a dynamic currency bar on my website?

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I have a problem. i have to show a bar at the top of the website, and when somebody reach 50€ of shipping they are free. But if somebody see the website in USD currency this 50€ should be like 47 $ or whatever.
I've tried like that: {{ 5000 | money_with_currency }}

but is rendered always 50,00 and change just the symbol of the currency.

I expect something like: {{ 50,00 € | money_with_currency }}.


I mean, should not be something crazy to do, but maybe in this case liquid can't help.


Let me know!

Because for now to reach anyway this result, i've created another product that is now shown with the value of 50€, and then i've called the price of this product where i want to show this price. The code is this:

{% for product in collections.all.products %}
{% case %}
{% when 8639645516114 %}
{% assign my_product = product %}
{% endcase %}
{% endfor %}

+<span>{{ my_product.price | money_with_currency }}</span> 

But is super long and should not be so hard :')

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Hi @divadminlocal 

You can try this code and check

<span>{{ my_product.price | money_without_trailing_zeros | money_with_currency }}</span> 

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Hi! you probably misunderstand. In this way i still have to create the product just for this purpose and i don't want to. 

I need a different solution than this one (that is just working but is a very bad way to do it)

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Hi @divadminlocal 


If you have Markets open to international, the currency get updated as per conversion. From your admin page, go to Settings, then Markets. You should be able to configure the shipping in the said country as well. So you can apply your free shipping configuration. Your code for <span> should work in other countries. 



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Hi, as I've said I've just tried in this way, and the result is that is rendered always 50 + the symbol of the currency. That yes, it change when the currency of the website get changed, but the amount of money stay the same, so is not converted.