How do I add a live product review widget to my home page?

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I want to add a live widget provided by my Product Review company as per their instructions. This should add a live widget to the page showing the last three reviews.


Instructions are:

Step 1

Copy and paste this code in the <head>...</head> section of your page. If you have multiple ProductReview widgets, this snippet only needs to be included once.

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<script>  window.__productReviewSettings = {    brandId: '967ac521-fa3b-3bfb-96f5-2de47b2957b1'  };</script><script src="" async></script>

Step 2

Copy and paste this code wherever you'd like your widget to appear.

If you want multiple widgets in your page, make sure that each container has a unique ID.

Use listing selected in the preview settings aboveNo changes required. Simply copy and paste the snippets from Step 1 and Step 2 into the page where you want it to appear.
Use my own identifierRequires technical expertise to provide the identifier from your platform.
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<div id="pr-reviews-horizontal-widget"></div><script>  window.__productReviewCallbackQueue = window.__productReviewCallbackQueue || [];  window.__productReviewCallbackQueue.push(function(ProductReview) {    ProductReview.use('reviews-horizontal', {      "identificationDetails": {        "type": "single",        "strategy": "from-internal-entry-id",        "identifier": "4273b259-07cd-3899-a9b9-606933ed603c"      },      "container": "#pr-reviews-horizontal-widget"    });  });</script>


I have added the code to the </head> section but do not know how to add the second item to the home page. I am new to Shopify. I have tried using the "Custom Liquid" section but this does not work.

Any help appreciated. Thank you



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@Seltaeb I can help you to setup that code. To do this I need the access to your theme.
Please share the details on my inbox.

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Thank you but I'd like to know how to do it myself. can you run through the steps for me please?