How to add order notes to the checkout page on Shopify Plus?

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Hey all,


I am a developer that has been given access to a store with Shopify Plus. My client would like to have order notes added to the checkout page rather than the cart page (presumably because the cart page is bypassed when shopping on other channels).


I have access to checkout.liquid and can easily add a textbox but if only it was that simply.


What is the preferred best practise for capturing the order note information at the checkout page and passing this to the order once it has been made?


Can this be done with some jQuery or is my only option to go down this route:


The above link seems to be overkill just to add a textbox to the checkout page with Shopify Plus. Also this is a live site that I am working on rather than a development store as is mentioned as a requirement in the link.


Any help greatly appreciated.

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