How to Change price based on quantity selection

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I want the store to automatically update, on the product page, when the quantity is adjusted by the customer. How do i do this?

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If you want it to display on the product page, you'll need to code the pricing rules into your site theme & also either use a Shopify Automatic Discount or program a script in your shopping cart to apply the same rules.


You could also find an app.  e.g. Quantity Price Breaks sounds like it might do what you want?


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Hi Shaw7

For example, do you mean you might sell a product for $10 but if the customer wants to order more than 5 of these the cost should be reduced to $9?

I feel like this should be a basic feature in Shopify but the only thing I can see is people adding their own code, adding apps, or using wholesale prices lists which require Shopify Plus:

Anyone have thoughts on this?

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if you want to change price based on quantity selection, you can use this app for it:

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I'm locking this thread as this section is for the Script Editor - which itself is an app, and something Shopify Plus merchants have access to. App developers shouldn't be spamming their links here.

For info on the Script Editor head to the public docs:

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