How to change specific page text banner color on refresh theme

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I am trying to change the banner text color for one of my pages, how can I do that? I need to change the text saying " We believe empowering women can transform the world one community at a time" to color white. 


Please help!


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Hi @Fucros97 ,


This is Victor from PageFly - Landing Page Builder App. I would love to give you my recommendation.


For example, I have a Rich Text section like below


You can see that, if you click on the Heading itself, there’s no option to change the text color. What you should do is select the Container of the Heading. In my case, it is the Image with Text section.


Click on it, and the sidebar on the left will look like this



Head to the Color scheme parameter, you can change the color here



I’m using Inverse for the Color scheme, I’ll try changing it to Background 1. You can see that the heading has changed its color.



To customize the option for the Color scheme, you can do that in your Theme Settings > Colors



Simply click on the color and change it to your liking. The result will reflect right away.



If you have followed my suggestion and it still doesn’t work, please share the URL to your page (with the password if it is password protected).


I hope you will find my answer helpful!

Warm regards,

Victor | PageFly

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Thanks Victor, 


I already tried this solution but it changes all the the text color for all the banners and since the banner of my home page has white background the text becomes invisible there. 


I need to change only the text color in single page.

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