How to correctly link JS files in a 3D model plugin?

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Hello Guys,


I am using a JS Plugin, to display 3D model on my page. (The Plugin is called "View STL")

The Plugin is using 8 JS Files. I imported them into my Assets. 

Now the Plugin works by sending a Request through on of those JS Files to another JS File.

But my Website does not send the Request, because the link exists in the Backend of my site and the request is beeing sent through the frontend.

If I am trying now, to copy my link to the specific js and paste it into the the other js(where the request is sent) I get a Failure. The console of my Browser tells, that it cant access the link.


sending the request through the plugin looks like this:



var t = new Worker('link to the other.js') 


Is there a possibility to send the request? And in which Format does the link have to be in my js. (Is a simple https://... enough, or does it have to be in a specific format like ({{ 'other.js' | 'assets_url' }})


My main Problem lays in, not knowing how to link / access the other js file.

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