How to filter parameters when using Header Link to GET next page results

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Not sure if this question is in the correct Board, however I am trying to figure out how to filter by processed_at_min and processed_at_max for any given month. I have successfully use the HeaderLink to get the next 250 results based on a specific counter. But if I don't use a counter then I get timed-out trying to retrieve all data. I realize taht you can't include any parameters except for limit and fields in the url. So how can I pass parameters in my while loop to only retrieve data that matches those parameters? I am using Javascript (Google Apps Script) in sheets to complete the task.  Thanks.


Make paginated requests to the REST Admin API

A request that includes the page_info parameter can't include any other parameters except for limit and fields (if it applies to the endpoint). If you want your results to be filtered by other parameters, then you need to include those parameters in the first request you make.

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