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How to fix the SPR.toggleForm issue in webpage reviews?

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Just to be certain, I have no official standing with the web site owner and am just an interested party at the moment.


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<p>I arrived at Crimson on Monday morning carrying three bits …
jon on Nov 02, 2018

<p>I arrived at Crimson on Monday morning carrying three bits of wood and a template. I've done a couple of 'build a thing in x days' type of courses before which were interesting but didn't deliver for me. On Friday I left Crimson in the afternoon carrying two bits of wood. One was the first neck that I had ever carved and the other was a shaped and routed body, to be finished and wired up at home. 5 days to build a 12 string Telecaster lookalike. And it's all excellent quality with no corners cut. In my view that's astonishing. A big thank you to Chris Owen who is skilled, helpful and generous with his time and assistance. But also to Ben who has created an environment that's full of energy and interest. I had a great time and I would unhesitatingly recommend this course to anyone who might be interested.</p>



The paragraph html is obviously wrong.

When I view source it looks like..


<div class="spr-container">
<div class="spr-header">
<h2 class="spr-header-title">Customer Reviews</h2><div class="spr-summary">

<span class="spr-starrating spr-summary-starrating">
<i class="spr-icon spr-icon-star"></i><i class="spr-icon spr-icon-star"></i><i class="spr-icon spr-icon-star"></i><i class="spr-icon spr-icon-star"></i><i class="spr-icon spr-icon-star"></i>
<span class="spr-summary-caption"><span class='spr-summary-actions-togglereviews'>Based on 1 review</span>
</span><span class="spr-summary-actions">
<a href='#' class='spr-summary-actions-newreview' onclick='SPR.toggleForm(4571164573831);return false'>Write a review</a>

<div class="spr-content">
<div class='spr-form' id='form_4571164573831' style='display: none'></div>
<div class='spr-reviews' id='reviews_4571164573831' ></div>




From this I would personally say that SPR.toggleForm is at fault. Can you please confirm this and rectify or supply a workaround.


Thank You In Advance

Lisa Green.

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can you please send screenshot further issue 

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