How to run javascript to select pickup point on thank you page using app-embed-blocks ?

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If i understood well it’s not possible to use script tag anymore to load javascript in storefront pages

So i should use app-embed-blocks to run javascript in storefront.


My actual requirement is to open a modal on thank you page to give the possibility to my customers to select a pickup point, but it seems impossible to run javascript on this page now.


Do we have a solution to run custom javascript on thank you page ? Or even to let my customer select is own pickup point, in my pickup point list.


Unfortunately i can’t use the integrate Shopify pickup point selector because we work with colissimo, mondial relay, colis privé, UPS, DHL and more …



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Hi @destpat,


This is a recommendation. If you’re not submitting a public app than you should be fine using script tag. Although using the later approach has better performance.