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How to set up full product description on home page for debut theme?

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I need help setting up the full description of my product on the home page. I have a one product store and I want to keep everything just on one page. If anyone has done this before, please help me out. Thank you!

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Hello ,
Please share your site URL and screenshot.
So that I can check and let you know the exact solution here.

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Hi, thanks for the repy. My website is under a password right now but I can give you a screenshot. Like I said earlier, the issue is pretty straight forward and I saw other people solving it with some custom code. I was not sure how to do it on my theme (debut), so I wanted to ask for help to see if anybody did it before. I just want to have my full product description on my home page instead of the product page. Basically integrate the product page into the home page to make the store more of a one page website not counting the checkout. The main reason I need to do that is because I am using "best custom product options" app and in order for it to work, the visitor must be on the product page. However, I designed my home page to be the main page where all the information is presented along with the product description, but it just misses the custom options.

Home pageHome pageProduct pageProduct page The description on both pages is the same, but the only difference is the "type your text" part. I hope I was as clear as possible. If you have any further questions, please ask. Thank you!

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The code for full width description worked for the description page, but I would like also to apply that to the product description on my Home Page. (It only worked for the description in the but not for the product section on my home page.


Can you please help ?


thank you