How to show only variant images of a selected option.

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to shopify and for a product I need to show only variant images of the current selected color. My other option is the size. For examplen I have a product with 2 color options in red and green and 2 size options small and big. I have 4 variants with images, one for each combination (red,small),(red,big) ,(green,small) ,(green,big). When I select a color I only want to show the variant images with the selected color. I Need to code it by myself, has anyone an idea how to achieve this? One very pity thing is, that I can't access product.variants.featured_image.variant_ids like its availabe in the JSON model of the product, but it's not accessible over liquid classes.



Greetings and any help is appreciated.

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Hello, You need to find everything you need to know by watching this tutorial:

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