How to show product price include tax in liquid theme

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Hi, I want to show product price like this $1000 ($1100 included tax) in the product list/detail page.

I already turn on tax on setting page but don't know how to show price included tax in liquid script. Or how to get the tax rate to calculate the price?

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Your best bet for this would be to hire a custom coder to code this into your theme for you. I suggest this because the coding necessary can be different, depending on which theme you're using (and how the theme is coded). 


If none of your products have variants, then it's super simple to add some extra coding to the theme, to show the price multiplied by whatever your tax rate is. Something like this: 


{{ product.price | times:1.20 | money }}


Where you would change the "1.20" number (which currently represents a 20% tax rate), to whichever multiplier you need. 


However, if you have products with variants, then you may also need to add some javascript, so that the new price updates when a different variant is selected. That's where you would need a custom coder to help, as the javascript needed can be different, depending on which theme you're using. 


I'd recommend reaching out to for help with this. I believe they charge ~$240 USD to do all of the coding for showing a secondary product price with taxes included. 

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