I want the cart note field to be shown in product page above add to cart button

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I know some would recommend properties line with the following code 

<label for="message" class="form__label">Message:</label>
<div class="field">
  <textarea id="message" class="text-area field__input" placeholder="Message" name="properties[Message]"form="product-form-{{ section.id }}"></textarea>

I only need names note from costumer so it works normaly. But now when i am using a bundle it does not work properly. i use shopify bundle app. i have tried everything out here to make that property line work. But i think when its a bundle it does not have properties line anymore. so instead if possible i would like to edit the code to make it appear both in property line and in cart notes if possible. so when people write in notefield if it was a normal single product it will appear normaly in line properies under the product, and if it was a bundle i can atleast see it in notes in cart field.              IF not possible both, i want only cart note field to be shown above the add to cart in product page. I DONT want it in add to cart because costumer doesnt know that adding name section is at payout or in cart, doesnt feel right or normal. Please a solution. shopify partners are requesting enourmes prices for not what i want



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