Re: Implement an order form that automatically counts words

Implement an order form that automatically counts words

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Hi there,


I am potentially interested in creating a website that sells translations. I'd be curious to hear from you whether you think a feature like the following could be implemented on a Shopify website:


So the idea is that clients can put in a text into the text box and the order form automatically counts the number of words and gives back a price for it. To add to that, if there is a way to even count words when clients aIs that possible within Shopify?


Looking forward to your answers!


Friendly, Mathias

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Sound like an interesting idea, it's possible to do so with a little bit coding if you wanna achieve the exact feature as your mentioned example. As you need to create a product in Shopify before checking out (without using draft order), so you need to create a "product" base on the word count every time, the flow could be like,


1. Create a textarea and count the word with javascript in the frontend.

2. Create an endpoint to dynamically create product with Shopify admin API, and call every time when user in the frontend submitting the word count, and then redirect user back to the checkout page.


Otherwise, for another option with less coding, could be creating different Products with the range of word count like 0 - 500, 500 - 1000, 1000 - 1500 etc, and allow users to pick the package of what they want.


Just some random thought.

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Hi @szma (Mathias),


As you are already aware your business logic of selling translations. Translations are sold per word count.


You need to create only 1 product which has the cost of 1 word. We will not show its price only show textarea with a button calculate, that will count the word and total cost of the paragraph.


After calculating the product user will able to process the order.



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