InstructionQuotaExceeded - customers creating very large carts...

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I have just released some new cart script code to implement multibuy discounts - I tested it thoroughly and its working well.


Some customers are causing "InstructionQuotaExceeded" errors by entering huge carts (many lines, order 1 million items).  The code loops through the cart lines finding deals so carts of this size won't process due to CPU limits.


Operationally, its not causing a problem, because the carts never goto checkout & the cart just ends up unmodified.


However, I am getting email notifications each time this happens & I like my script to detect error conditions rather than run with errors...


I am planning to deal with it by detecting a max cart size/items which if exceed the cart script exits.  


I am interested whether anyone else has experienced similar problems & what strategies have you employed to deal with it?

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