Internal Linking Of Products In Parent-Child-Product Logic

Internal Linking Of Products In Parent-Child-Product Logic

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Hello Everyone, 


hopefull I find some help, because this issue is costing me some days now. 

I want to link products internally in shopify. 


My logic: 
I got a Parent Product A, which has no variants and no options. Just a Blank "dummy" product. All available Products are not listed in catalogue and not shown in search. 

Now I want to show those products on the dummy product page as Add to Cart buttons. 


I got a pair of Shoes, which is available in 15 Colors, and has a size range of 15 sizes. 
Now i got 225 Variants of each product. What I could do is listing all 225 variants as product on their own. Now i need to make a Dummy Product where i link all those Products to. But i dont know on whats the best approach for internal linking. 


The problem is, that I somehow need to bypass shopifys 100 variant limitation for products. Since 1 product can have 20x20 variantions. 


Anyone got a good idea on that? thought about using a JSON Type Metafield with stored gid:// for each child. 


thank you very much in advance! 



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