Is it better to start with a custom or static design for a new ecommerce site?

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Greetings individuals,

I'm new to Shopify, simply getting everything rolling here. I really came in light of the fact that I found a new line of work to fabricate a little web-based business website for my brother by marriage, and I'm somewhat attempting to transform it into an auxiliary self-start venture.

In any case - I'm attempting to get my head around the way Shopify works. It's a piece different to what I'm utilized to, yet I figure I can adjust. 😃

My website:

Nonetheless, only for this first site, I'm fabricating, the client is somewhat needing an absolutely custom site - which I have proactively planned and wire-outlined and delivered some mockups for.

Since this is basically a custom store and won't wind up as a subject that could be bundled and reused... would it be a good idea for me to be attempting to construct it as a topic?

Could it be more straightforward and less difficult to begin it out as a general kind of static plan? Is that even conceivable?

I value your feedback! ^_^
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