Judge.me app code still showing up on our website

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Hello, we have been struggling with errors ever since we had an app on Shopify called Judge me. It was a review app but we didn't like it so we exported the reviews to conversio now called commerce app. In the google search console, it shows 45 product errors and when we look it still has judge me reviews and or schema dada. I have attached some screenshots of GSC to help you out with solving this. Any help would be appreciated. We erased all code on shopify that had Judge.me in it. Our store is www.happyhands.toys


Screenshot (20).pngScreenshot (22).png

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This will require to go through the code of your theme and confirm why are you still having those issues.


If you want we could have a deeper look for you. Just write us at info@webmefy.com and we would love to help you.

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Same here, Judge.me code not removed. Did you manage to resolve your issue?