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Hello! I have a unique request from a client and need some guidance. The client has a third-party customer database where they store customer shipping addresses, credit cards, and logins. This database is used on a different e-commerce platform (not Shopify). The client wants to create a Shopify site and wants customers to be able to log in using the credentials stored in the 3rd party database and have their saved shipping addresses and saved credit card info pre-populated in the customer's Shopify account. I believe the login part might be possible using MultiPass Api, but I am unsure about the addresses and CC info. I would appreciate any guidance. Thank You!

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Hi @itsalexg 


Yes, to sync the address details you can write a sync process which will run once and save all users details including shipping address in Shopify.


Later on you can subscribe the webhook for address update.


Card information I don't think is possible to save.


Please reach out through WhatsApp or private msg for more details.

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