Looking to clarify the Scripts to Functions migration date

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Our specifics, we are running on a Shopify Plus store, we have already migrated to Checkout Extensibility and we are running a "line item" script and a "shipping" script.
As I understand it the original deadline to migrate our Scripts was Aug 13th 2024, but this has been extended to August 28th 2025.

However I also found some information that seemed to conflict with my understanding, on this page, the following text appears: "Shopify Scripts will continue to work on checkouts that are customized with checkout.liquid and on checkouts that have been upgraded to checkout extensibility until August 13, 2024."

But on this page, it says: "As of August 28, 2025, checkout.liquid for the thank you and order status pages will be turned off and no longer supported. This also includes turning off apps using script tags and additional scripts under the post-purchase and order status pages. Shopify Scripts will continue to work alongside checkout extensibility until this date."

Am I right in understanding that because I have already migrated away from checkout.liquid to Checkout Extensibility I now have until Aug 2025 to migrate my Scripts to Functions?



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I've reviewed your message, and you are correct in your understanding. Since you've already migrated from checkout.liquid to Checkout Extensibility and have transitioned your scripts to functions, the extended deadline for the entire migration is indeed August 28, 2025. Also, since I've gone through this transition myself, don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

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