Premade Shopify Store vs Custom Shopify Store.? Which is better?

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I wanted to know what is the difference between premade shopify store and custom shopify store. I recently check the premade shopify stores and they are asking me that they can launch my shopify store within few hours. So, what 's the difference between them. please guide me which is better.?

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yeah.. I have seen this in google search results that people are selling premade shopify stores and they claim to get those store ready to sell within hours or same day. I have tried someone for premade shopify store and I had a good experience as they are not going to get stars like Marketplaces. They know how to work properly. I got the store with complete integration of social media as well. Premade Stores are same like custom store but the difference is that you can have a complete look of your store before buying that. 

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Premade Shopify stores are start-up eCommerce websites that have already been pre-built for resale and can typically be viewed before purchasing.

Custom-made dropshipping stores are websites that are built after purchase and customized to suit your specific requirements, brand, and budget.

You can buy drop shipping stores with reliable suppliers from

Pre-built Shopify store:

Custom Shopify Store:



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pre made shopify stores really reduce the effort it you just have to choose a store with low rates and best quality from the sellers those sell stores . but customize store helps in making a unique store for your products. pre made stores reduces the risk of generating traffic to your store as those stores are arranged very professionally

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