Prestige Theme- How to Align Product Suggestions to the Top in Predictive Search

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Hello dear Shopify community,


I have 2 problems with my website and I really appreciate any help fixing these:


1- My website offers predictive search for my products and blogs. When it shows results from blogs it aligns with respect to top of the images. But, when it shows the product results it aligns them with respect to the bottom product titles. Since, I have long titles for some of my products (some of them 1 row, some 2 rows) it causes misalignment. I want it to align product suggestions with respect to the top like for the blogs. (please see the photos for product and blog suggestions) How can I accomplish that?



2- Sometimes my product titles do not fit in a specific row/line and it causes misspelled words. How can I fix that?(please see the photo below)



Thank you very much in advance

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