Product Variations and inventory

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(sorry if this is posted into the wrong section)


We're putting together a store for a customer and have reached a stumbling block.


The store stocks automotive vinyl wraps, and each colour/finish is available in 5 variations, 3m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 18m with different pricing obviously based on length, and finish. We've set this up so far using a 3rd party app, as how we initially set it up using variants in the product admin meant there were 5 different quantity values.


How the customer wants it to work, is that in the inventory, he enters his stock as for example 60 metres, for one particular colour and finish in one place.


If the customer orders 15m, he cuts 15m off his roll of 60m and the stock value would then be 45m.


The way we currently have this setup with the app for the variations works, for ordering at the front end, but in the back end on the inventory, whichever variant/length option is chosen, it only deducts 1 unit from the total stock metreage.


Hope that kinda explains it!


Is there another app, or apps that can control this. 


Or, does this require some bespoke coding, to sync the two together? - any help or advice gratefully received.


This is the Shopify site and an example of a product with the variations currently setup using YMQ product options

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