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Provide voucher codes to customer at checkout which can be redeemed on a 3rd party webs

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I am looking to build the below Use Case.

  1. User adds an eBook in it's cart on Shopify
  2. Once user completes the check out, they receive an order confirmation e-mail with the below information
  • Redemption(discount) codes - These will be provided to the User which they can use in the below URL to redeem their audio file
  • soundwisedotcodotuk  URL
  1. User then goes to the above stated URL and redeems the code to go through the audio content. 

Note : The codes are unique and generated on the third party website and uploaded to Shopify via 'Bulk Discount Generator App'.These unique codes are then linked to a product. In the above case it's an eBook.

I am currently reviewing few apps , but not exactly matching my use case

Any pointers will be appreciated


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Hi @kishorachtani,

I don't have any personal experience with the app, but have you tried Digital Downloads?

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