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I don't want to create Application and other partners stuff. I just need a Python script for manage my (only my) shop. I want to automate product management (create and modify). I don't need back/frond end. I don't need GUI. I don't want to run it in web browser. I don't want to create website and other stuff. I don't need all of that! I just need a simple script that will create products in my shop only. I just need simple script without that will create and edit products in my shop without my participation


How to do it? Where is a simple documentation how to do it? I read lot of pages today and don't find any example how to do it. I don't need an application and other stuff. I want to automate my own work for manage my own store...


I know python and i don't want to learn other stuff including GraphQL. I need local (on my pc) script that will do everything without lot of unnecessary stuff in my pc. Is that possible? Just a script, not application and etc...


Thank you

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can you explain a little more on how you want to edit and create products without your participation? 

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Not exactly that way, I want to create and edit products using Python, not
only admin interface.
Like, some bulk uploads of specific photos to specific products, managing
prices for numerous products, not to mention creating products themselves.
Is it possible?