Question on how to integrate fixed costs on particular product

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Hi guys,

I was wondering whether someone has a solution for the following issue. My shop can be found here;

I sell custom slipmats, and the pricing set up is kind of complex. We have different products, either custom (on demand printing), as blank (non printed) slipmats.

Almost everything works now, and I intergrated a great app for different wholesale prices on different products.

Now im facing an issue which seem to be hard to solve.

I would like to intergrate that the pricing tier only counts for 1 specific design.

Im facing the problem that ppl start ordering 30 slipmats with all different designs, while they pay the pricing tier of 30pc. Instead of 30 times the price of 1 custom slipmat.

Im thinking about an additional fee of €5,- per new designs (no matter the quantity of that design). F.e. when people order 3 times 10 slipmats (so 3 designs), people pay the total price tier of 30pc + 2x €5,- for the 2 'extra' designs they request.

Does anyone knows how to intergrate this in a shop? Basically its + €5,- per additional design, while the 'first design' remains free.

I had a long day so my english might lack a little, but I'm still confident that this sloppy explanation makes enough sense for a smooth solution 😃!


Lucas of YOURslipmat


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That seems to me like a situation that your image designing app should be handling. With our upload app, we have the ability to tell it we only want one image per product, so when it goes through to the cart they're all treated as separate line items with their own quantities.

Otherwise, for the purpose of Script Editor, that kind of information is usually held in, I believe, and you'd want to set up something that compares the ( | size) with the line_item.quantity in some way.

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Awesome man, and with my limited IT knowledge, I totally understand what you mean. Thanks m8. Ill dive into it, and lets see what it brings. 

Thanks for your effort, and as soon as ive worked it out ill let u know 👍