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So for the context, my online shop is Brazilian, and it uses a "transparent checkout" of CartPanda (that it's basically a one-page checkout for Shopify). In all official documentation of it, there's any explanation how to make the "Check out" button to redirect to this checkout.


Actually, in any explanations that I have found says to turn the "Add to Cart" button into the actual checkout button that redirects correctly, by making it automatically skip the Shopify cart to CartPanda checkout whenever it enters the cart page.


But there's an interesting thing - though all of this, exists another shop that finally managed to make it. It's the Brazilian Pantys store. Though there's no "Buy it now" button also (or else it would redirect to native checkout too), the cart drawer has "finalizar compra" that is the original checkout button.


Said all this, how they did make it, and how can I do it too?

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It sounds like what you're describing would probably need to be done using custom code to create a button redirecting to another URL. You might also be able to use the "Buy Button" which is one of Shopify's sales channels. 

The Buy Button enables you to create an embedded buy option for an external website, which links directly to your Shopify checkout. 


You can view the steps for creating a buy button for a single product or a collection in our Help Center here: Buy Button · Shopify Help Center.

I hope that helps! Let me know if anything else I can help with!

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Sorry for I'm making it a little confusing. Actually, I want to do the opposite of it - make a checkout button for my Shopify website to CartPanda checkout (external)

To make it even more clear, please take these two attachment videos of stores that did this as examples.


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To achieve this you have to change at multiple places.


1. main-product.liquid

2. cart-footer.liquid

3. cart-notification


You have to search whole theme everywhere checkout button exist you have to change it.


Note: would not recommend this as if you did this lot of validation have to manage by yourself.

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