Refund API does not return 3rd-party app name which made the refund

Refund API does not return 3rd-party app name which made the refund

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I want to retrieve the information about who was responsible for the refund, i.e., who gave the refund for a particular order. In that case, while I use to fetch the refund details, I can see user_id field which shows the ID of the user who gave the refund.

However, assume there are a few 3rd-party applications which creates refund besides the users. How do I know which app was responsible for that specific refund? In such case, user_id field have null value in the above mentioned API response.
Isn't there any way to fetch the details related to the 3rd party application which created the refund..?


Detailed answer may help a lot.

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@SaiCharanUppari In Shopify's REST Admin API, when a refund is created by a third-party application rather than a user directly, the user_id field in the refund details might be null or not attribute the refund to a specific user. Unfortunately, the API might not explicitly detail the third-party application responsible for the refund.

However, there might be a workaround to infer the origin of the refund:

  1. Metadata or Notes: Check if the refund object contains any metadata or notes that could provide additional information about the source or the third-party application responsible for the refund.

  2. Order History or Notes: Explore the order's history or notes sections within Shopify's admin interface. Sometimes, third-party applications leave notes or update the order history, indicating the reason for the refund or the app involved.

  3. Custom Fields: Certain third-party apps might add custom fields or tags to orders or refunds they create. Reviewing any additional fields or tags associated with the refund might provide clues about the originating app.

  4. App-Specific Logging or Reporting: Some third-party apps maintain their own logs or reporting systems. Check if the app responsible for the refund has its own dashboard or reporting feature that logs actions such as creating refunds, which might offer more detailed information.Hope this helps.Thanks

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