Reorder Shipping Options by Name not working

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This is what I want to achieve:

  1. If a discount name exists at checkout I want to reorder my shipping methods by name
  2. Automatically select the first shipping method available

The problem I'm finding:

  1. Reordering the shipping options is working when a user enters a specific discount name
  2. However the selected options is not the first shipping method available, it keeps the previously selected shipping method


This is my code:

discount_applies = Input.cart.discount_code && Input.cart.discount_code.code == "FREEDOM"
# Create array of shipping methods
desired_order = ["Next Working Day"]

if discount_applies
  # Reorder the payment gateway methods to the order of desired_order.
  Output.shipping_rates = Input.shipping_rates.sort_by do |shipping_rate|
  desired_order.index( || desired_order.length
  Output.shipping_rates = Input.shipping_rates


See attached image to see the results when adding the discount code

Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 20.27.13.jpg




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