Replace order with checkout in thank you page

Replace order with checkout in thank you page

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I have received this email from shopify:

As part of ongoing improvements to Checkout and the Thank You page, we’ve identified a change that you need to make to your Additional Scripts to ensure that your conversion tracking and downstream systems are working correctly.

Replace "order.{anything}" with “checkout.order_id” in Additional Scripts and similarly update any downstream systems that rely on this data.


Are we supposed to replace the order object with the checkout object entirely? or all the attributes of order object will be replaced by checkout.order_id


'payment_type': '{{order.transactions[0].gateway}}',
            {% if %}
            'transaction_id': '{{ | remove: "'" | remove: '"'}}',
            {% else %}
            'transaction_id': '{{ | remove: "'" | remove: '"'}}',
            {% endif %}
            'value': '{{checkout.total_price | times: 0.01 }}',
            'discount_amount': '{{checkout.discounts_amount | times: 0.01}}',
            {% if order.discounts %} 'coupon': '{{ order.discounts[0].code }}', {% endif %}
Will be replaced by or ?
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