REST API endpoint and Shopify made reports

REST API endpoint and Shopify made reports

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Hey all,


I'm working on a script to automate the process of fetching my store's sales history for the previous month and logging it to a Google Sheet. Essentially, I want the script to run once a month at the beginning of the month and retrieve data such as net sales, gross sales, etc.

I've been exploring ways to achieve this, and initially, I tried creating my own reports using cURL. However, I've encountered difficulties, and all my attempts have resulted in empty datasets.


I'm now wondering if there's a way to leverage Shopify's pre-made reports to accomplish this task? I cant seem to access Shopifys pre made reports, I'm not sure if they are accessible?


I've checked through the available reports but haven't been able to figure out how to request the specific data I need 😅


If anyone has experience with fetching sales data from Shopify reports or has alternative suggestions using the Shopify API, I would greatly appreciate any help


Thanks in advance for your help!

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You can't fetch data from existing reports via the API. You might want to take a look at ShopifyQL to get sales data.

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If you're open to a 3rd party app, I could build that out for you using our app mesa. This is a similar workflow that sends orders to google sheets.

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Hi, I'm wondering if you were able to achieve this.