Scripts.js being added twice, but only sometimes

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Hi all.


I'm having an intermittent issue.


Occasionally, shopify would re-add my scripts.js file when it detected a particular section (subs-faq).

I removed, saved, then re-added that section. And it's not doing it anymore scripts.js.


Scripts.js is only called for in the site footer.
It's not requested in the subs-faq or subs page.

... which is weird.

I'd attach a screenshot but it's now miraculously not happening anymore.


Moreso I'm worried since it's double inclusion was causing some customers to be double-added to a Stripe system we have going.


Does anyone know why\when shopify will auto-add scripts from the CDN?

Or have you encountered shopify occasionally double-adding a file to the site?


To replicate the issue (if it happens again)

Our site is

And it was only happening on the account page when you're logged in (I.E. you'd need to sign up, which is annoying for a quick bug assessment 😕 )

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