ScriptTag API is the best thing possible. Why is Shopify trying to get rid of it?

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Since Shopify introduced the theme app blocks, and embed blocks... the integration is amazing.


The drawbacks?

- The Uninstall scenario.

- As well as the manual steps required by the customer to get the app running.


When they uninstall, ScriptTag goes away, and their theme is untouched and clean. This is the most beautiful concept. No action required by the customer.


And for setting up the theme app blocks, customers have to literally go edit their theme manually. I thought the whole point of a 3rd party app is to make the entire journey a breeze. Within a couple of clicks.


So, here's the ideal scenario...


Deprecate the ScriptTag. That's fine. It's slow anyway.


But give us a way to remove our junk from the customer's theme code when they uninstall our app.


But how? Well, maybe we can have a new section in the theme code area. Called apps. And Shopify can auto-import all the scripts present here - but only if the app is installed.


That's just one of the many ways!

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