Seeking Assistance with Site Display Issues on Desktop and Mobile View

Seeking Assistance with Site Display Issues on Desktop and Mobile View

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Dear Shopify Forum Members,


I hope this message finds you well. I'm encountering two coding-related issues on my site that are impacting its visual presentation.


Firstly, despite my efforts in coding, the complete name of my site isn't displaying correctly, leading to an unattractive appearance. It's crucial to me that the site name is fully visible and properly rendered across all pages.


Secondly, I've noticed a discrepancy specifically on mobile devices regarding the "image banner." On mobile screens, the image banner doesn't occupy the entire display area as intended, while it scales appropriately on desktops.


I'm seeking guidance or advice from this esteemed community on rectifying these coding issues. Any insights or suggestions on resolving the incomplete site name display and ensuring a responsive image banner that occupies the entirety of the mobile screen would be immensely appreciated.


Thank you kindly for any support or recommendations you can offer. Your expertise will significantly contribute to improving the visual appeal and user experience of my site.


And even on a computer, it doesn't exactly take up all the space, so it's a shame it's a small space, but that's what makes the difference.


Warm regards,Mohamed





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