Seeking Guidance to help me on Coding issue

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Dear shopify community,


I hope this message finds you well. I'm currently facing a couple of coding-related issues on my site that have been affecting its visual presentation.

Firstly, despite my best efforts in coding, the complete name of my site isn't displaying correctly. This issue significantly impacts the site's appearance, and it's crucial to me that the site name is fully visible and consistently rendered across all pages.


Secondly, I've noticed a specific discrepancy, particularly on mobile devices, concerning the "image banner." On mobile screens, the image banner fails to occupy the entire display area, whereas it scales correctly on desktops. Notably, even on desktops, the image doesn't precisely occupy the entire space, although it was previously coded to do so.


I'm reaching out for guidance or advice regarding these coding challenges. Your expertise was instrumental in coding the image to occupy the entire screen space on desktops, and I seek your valuable insights on ensuring both the complete site name display and a responsive image banner that fully utilizes the available screen space on all devices.


  1. Thank you sincerely for any support or recommendations you can provide. Your assistance will significantly enhance the visual appeal and user experience of my site.


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