Show strike through prices only via specific link

Show strike through prices only via specific link

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Hi everyone, 


we are currently redesigning our shop and one request from CRM came up, that it would be helpful to let only specific customer (e.g. the ones coming from an email cta) see discounts / higher discounts on a collection page. To make this more understandable: 

1. We send out an email with an exlusive offer of 20% off, discount code is automatically applied through the link. (Shareable discount links)

2. When clicking on the CTA, the customer gets send to one of our collection pages where he sees 20% tags, strike through prices and so on. 

3. At the same time, another customer that does not come from the Email, does not see this offer. 


We made this possible in the past with liquid code, that creates specific strike through prices on collection pages and throughout product page & the cart page. I am personally not super happy with this solution, because somehow this code gets saved in the cache, meaning once I close the browers and enter a different side in our shop, I still see strike through prices on Product Pages & Cart pages. Meaning it is not exklusive for this one specific customer journey. 


My question: Do you have any experience or solutions for this idea with maybe Shopify Scripts or other hacks? In general also happy about general feedback on this idea. (:


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