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Hoping someone can help me here, Im looking to add a simple script to a third party web app that shows a breakdown of parts for my products. 


The products are shown in an exploded view and allow me to click on the part and it takes me directly to the part in shopify. I want to know if instead of linking it via a url if i click on the part it just adds it to my shopify cart.


Hope that makes sense.

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You generally cannot just edit a third parties code.


Other people cannot know what know unless you communicate in concrete terms. 

You need to be much more detailed in the process and provide relevant examples for anyone to even attempt at helping with such a thing.

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Screenshot .png

27 relates to the description at the botton
Rod 601-258. When you click the shopping basket its just a url link
referencing the part number 601-258 ({article}


Instead of taking me to the product via a url, i want it to add the product to the
shopping cart, is there a way to do this via a script that i can add in or a url.

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Your requirement is not clear can you elaborate it with an example?

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