Trying to do a tiered discount, but running into trouble

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I'm trying to set up a Script tiered discount, but I'm having some difficulty on getting it to work the way I want. Here's the breakdown for the discount/script: 

  • Only want it to affect two specific product types (our main two)
  • The discount is based on cart total
  • It needs to exclude two specific product types (accessories and warranties)
  • Discounts are as follows: 1) $299 and under, $30 off 2) $300-499, $40 off 3) $500+, $50 off
  • The discount should only be applied once. It shouldn't be applied to each line item, just for each checkout. 

At this point, we keep getting it to apply to line items instead of cart total. Still kind of new to Scripts and Ruby, so this one is proving to be troublesome. Is this even possible to accomplish with Scripts? Or do we just need a new approach?

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Hi @EHarm,

Can you post your script here or email to 

Also, I have a clarifying question about the criteria:
If the cart contains any product that is of type "accessories" or "warranties", should no tiered pricing be given to that checkout?


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