Unnecessary Friction When Buying Due to Account Creation

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Hey everyone,

So I'm about to launch ads for my paid course and I'm really struggling with how much friction there is after the CTA is clicked.


For my course app (courses plus) I need to have accounts as mandatory on my store. Okay, no problem. I have my CTA go straight to checkout so what happens is there's a "log in" page... then you have to go to create an account, then you add in all your details and are redirected to the home page. Then you have to go to cart, click continue and do the checkout process. This is a CRO nightmare lol.


I'm looking for 2 things:

1. Some code for the Dawn theme where after account creation customers go straight to checkout as opposed to the home page.

2. Does anyone know how to have the "create account" fields be the first thing present after clicking the "buy now" button as opposed to "Log in".


Thanks guys! 🙂

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Hey @Kallumdinan ,


Would like to work on your requirement, if it's still open??

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