What's the difference between '/cart' and '/checkout' on cart page's <form> action attribute?

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So yesterday(2022/8/31) some of my customers told me they couldn't checkout. I tested and found out that one of my stores' cart page just refreshes when I click the checkout button. I have 5 five stores and they shared same codes, so I know the issue is not the code, but I am losing orders and just didn't know what's wrong so I simply changed the cart page <from> form


<form action="/cart">...




<form action="/checkout">...


and problem solved.


So I am wondering does anybody know what is the difference between '/cart' and '/checkout'? Is there any issues that may be caused when I changed the value '/cart' with '/checkout' here? Maybe some tracking issue? Should I keep using '/checkout' instead of '/cart' in the future?


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