Why does my add to cart button refresh the page on my Dawn theme?

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i will try to be clear.


When i am on a product page. I click on add to cart, then my cart drawer appears, with one item. then if i close the cart drawer, and i add the same item, the cart drawer appears with two items, then if i delete all the item in the cart drawer and then i close the cart drawer and then i click on add to cart again, my page refreshes. thats my problem.


I am using the dawn theme.

https://www.lepanierelegant.com/ this is my store link.

It does this with everytime.

My site is in french but AJOUTER AU PANIER = add to cart button

This happens with any products.

it happens on phone as well.

i also use vitals app.

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Hey Patrick,


I believe it's the "Vitals UpSells" app, that's causing this issue. I'd recommend reaching out to their support team directly (help@vitals.co) to see if this is something they can help fix. 


I tested this on my own store (which doesn't have any kind of 'upsell' app) and the cart drawer is working as it should (without refreshing the page). 




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