Why does my cart disappear on some pages after adding products?

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I have a third party website (Weebly) where I have incorporated Buy buttons. The issue is that when you add a product to the cart and then go back a page, the cart disappears. If I go to the same page again, it reappears. If I go to another product page, it doesn't show up on some pages but appears on others. 


The site is in Swedish but I would gladly guide you. 


1. Go to: 



2. Choose the first product in the slider (image of tweezer) with the text "Köksredskap". You will come to this page


3. Add any product to the cart using the green buy buttons with the text "Lägg till i varukorg". The cart appears. 


4. Scroll up to the breadcrumbs and click on "Butik", which is one step back. The cart disappears. 


5. Click the image of the pan in the slider (with the text Stekpannor). The cart is still gone. 


6. Go back and instead click the image of the Bowl with the text "blandskålar". The cart reappears. 


I cannot understand why this happens but I am sure loosing sales on it. I have some 301 redirects, can that be an issue? 



Thank you very much for any help!




Simon Wakéus

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Hi @SimonWakeus ,


Your page behavior is not correct for example. 

When first time we open Köksredskap and add item in cart, it calls checkout graphql api which generate checkout ID, can be verify by checking in Inspect Debugger's Network/Fetcg XHR.


But this request don't fire URL's mentioned below

  1. https://www.professionalsecrets.se/butik.html
  2. https://www.professionalsecrets.se/sauteuse.html

Now when we items in cart from this page it generates different checkout ID, which is different from previous one.


For reference please visit at below video

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