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Hey everyone !


I recently translated my website in ENGLISH (it's actually a FRENCH website!) with the app "Translate & Adapt" !



I published it, but i don't have any button /EN -/FR ...


Anyone can help me with this ? I would like to have an /FR or /EN window on the right side of my menu ( the big green stripe ) !


My website URL is:


I did translate everything, my seconde language is ready, published, and connect'ed to my markets , but I don't have any button on my website to switch the language !


Help me please ahah ! Thank you !

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Hi SweetsFR!


We also have a shopify store. We sell mainly Bitcoin related merch such as T-Shirts, hats, etc.


Our store is in Austria so most people who visit our physical location speak German, but we wanted to offer the store in English as well. 


What from what I could tell the easiest option is to add everything in English and then add translations in your desired language. We were able to do that without a plugin, there are "Localize" options throughout Shopify where you can add translations. The extra language was enabled in the Settings/Languages menu.


Looking at the code it appears as though the search engines are told that there are extra languages available (see HTML code below)


Screenshot 2022-12-03 at 16.16.15.png


There are just no options to manually switch the languages. 


But if we go to the website appears in German (at least the parts that were already translated)


So it seems if you manually add navigation entries for those links then you can provide ways for your customers to switch languages.


Let me know if that works or if you found a better way to do it. I see you now added a pop up window upon first visit that asks if you want to change/region language?

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi @SweetsFR , congrats on getting started with Translate & Adapt and adding a new language to your store. The language switcher is part of your theme. Usually it is in Online Store > Customize > Footer. To move it to the green stripe would require some custom coding, but it would be easy enough for a Shopify Expert. Best wishes, Rich

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