Can I download localized product titles and body text in a single CSV file?

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Hello all ,

we all know how to export products (primary language only , English in our case) from products section, and how to download translation's CSV (rather all token types)  from Languages section . But this may jeopardize linkage between English /localized title pairs (and so for body pairs)

I want to export products of my store to CSV file, along with their localized titles and  body text, in a selected language supported by store, in a single CSV file.

Can this be done  via some kind of a option i missed ?


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Hi @wawmegastore , the two CSVs mentioned are the two provided - there is not a single (native) one that includes both translated product titles and product prices etc. Could you expand on this?


But this may jeopardize linkage between English /localized title pairs (and so for body pairs)

What are you seeing as potential jeopardisation of links? It would be great if you're able to talk through the use case you have in mind. Thanks, Rich



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Hello @richbrown_staff  ,


To clarify : I'm a store owner , but also I'm a software engineer , having developed my own system to help me streamlining the product management process. So my question is rather a specific , not a criticism.

The translations CSV file is "literal-based" , not "product-based" , its key column is the Identification column, which shows an auto generated key value for the literal itself , with no column linking it to the product it relates to (in case the literal field is title or body is a product title or body). This is logical of course because not all entries are product-related  (there are around 20 distinct values in the Field column) .  Where is the product handle ? it is in a distinct row below the body row, but this is only a visual linkage.

The real party begins when you import that CSV to a DBMS. the records of the resulting SQL table will have no clue what so ever about the product it belongs to (for product related fields such as title and body).

So my original question was about the possibility of having either an extra column for the localized title (body) in the products CSV file , or an extra column for the related product handle in the translations CSV.


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