Color Swatch In Multi-Language Website Not Available

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I've translated my Shopify into a second language. 

Color swatch  in the second language of the website not visible.


In English



In Estonian it shows only the name, without a picture



I use langify app as a translation app

How can I have the same result in Estonian as in English? 


Thank you!!!

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Hi @JuliaMaikova , please confirm with Langify support. @michaelivanov might be able to help. My guess is that your swatches work based on the names of the colours in the default language, so you might need to delete some translations.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi ,

Michael from Langify here.


Please try bulk-resetting your color translations and translating them in 


Langify -> Custom -> Global Strict Mode




 custom global strict mode.png


To bulk-reset your color translations you'd just have to export your Product translations in 


Langify -> Products -> [three dot kebab menu on the top left] -> Export Translations


export product translations.png


Deselect everything except "Products", select the "Only export translated fields" option and click on "GENERATE EXPORT FILE"


export product translations 2.png


and click on the "CSV FORMAT" option to finally export your CSV file  


export product translations as csv.png


Now open the file in Excel or Google Sheets and scroll to the very bottom where you'll find the color translations


colors at the bottom of the product translations csv.png


Replace your color translations in Column B with the original colors from Column A like


identical colors left and right inide the CSV.png


Now just save the file and import it back into Langify in


Langify -> Products -> [three dot kebab menu on the top left] -> Import Translations


import product translations back to langify.png


Once done your colors should show up on your store again.


Now you'd just have to translate your colors in 


Langify -> Custom -> Global Strict Mode


as shown in the beginning.


Here's a short guide on how to use Custom Contents just in case:


This time your color swatches should remain visible after translating them via Custom.


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Thank you very much for your help. I did everything according to the instructions, but unfortunately, it didn’t help.😔scrnli_18-04-2024_11-32-35.png

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Hi @JuliaMaikova,

Please send us an email with the collaborator account request code and we'll check this for you asap